Enterprise Pathway

What is it?

The Enterprise Pathway is a course whose primary aim is to help students leave the education sector with skills; experienced and resourced to earn for themselves.

Why are we introducing it?

The local community was built on a strong tradition of independent traders and companies. However, the world is changing. Conventional methods of earning were turned on their head with the invention of the internet, and many of the role-models for our young people are self-made entrepreneurs able to apply an acute business mind to the online world.

How does it work?

Depending on experience, students work towards a Level 2 or Level 3 BTEC in Enterprise, alongside a Level 2 Certificate in Finance. Substantive work experience will sit alongside this, with a variety of experiences available. Some will be delivered in-house, where students will develop their own business through market stalls or a shop front, whilst others will be at external organisations.

All students will be allowed the chance to sit GCSE Maths and English Language.


Students will be able to amass a cash amount payable on completion of the course. Criteria used in building up this pot of cash will include:

  • Attendance, calculated from the percentage of sessions attended, with the national average being the benchmark.
  • A2L, where an average grade would be calculated across all sessions and performance-rated against our benchmark.

Students can bank payments every few weeks to accumulate a total amount. A student achieving their target grades in all subjects would be entitled to the full amount banked, with a sliding scale for others. Find out more here.

Helping students leave the education sector with skills; experienced and resourced to earn for themselves."