A level Maths

The Edexcel A Level GCE in Mathematics consists of three exam papers which will be sat in May/June of Year 13. Calculators are allowed in all exams.

Paper 1: Pure Mathematics (2 hours)

Paper 2: Pure Mathematics (2 hours)

Paper 3: Statistics and Mechanics (2 hours)

Edexcel has provided a large data set, which will support the assessment of statistics in paper 3. Students are required to become familiar with the data set in advance of the final assessment.

Y12 content overview:

Pure Mathematics 1
Algebra and functions; Coordinate geometry in the (x,y) plane; Further Algebra; Trigonometry; Vectors (2D); Differentiation; Integration; Exponentials and Logarithms.

Statistical sampling; Data presentation and interpretation; Probability; Statistical distributions; Statistical hypothesis testing.

Quantities and units in mechanics; Kinematics 1; Forces and Newton’s Laws, Kinematics 2.

Pure Mathematics 2
Proof; Algebraic and partial fractions; Functions and modelling; Series and sequences.

Y13 content overview:

Pure Mathematics 2
The binomial theorem; Trigonometry; Parametric equations; Differentiation; Numerical Methods; Integration; Vectors (3D).

Regression and correlation; Probability; The Normal Distribution.

Applications of kinematics; Moments; Forces at any angle; Applications of forces; Further Kinematics.

Entry requirements

Minimum Grade 6 Maths.

Progression possibilities

A Level Maths can lead to a variety of Higher Education courses and careers including Accountancy, Aerospace & Defence, Automotive, Biosciences, Business support services, Chemicals, Construction, Consultancies, Education, Engineering, Environment, Exploration, Geophysics, Financial Services, Food & Drink, Government, Healthcare, Insurance, IT & Computing, Manufacturing, Media, Metals & Minerals, Operational Research, Pharmaceuticals, Recruitment, Academic Research, Science, Telecoms, Transport/Travel, Utilities.

Pathways for learners at a range of levels, helping you shape but not limit your potential future choices in Higher Education and employment."