Teaching & Learning – What does Haywood Academy and City College offer?

What additional support can be provided in the classroom?

  • One-to-one Teaching Assistant Work (all years)
  • Group work with Teaching Assistant (all years)
  • Differentiated Worksheets/Resources (all years)
  • Differentiated lessons to students’ abilities (all years)
  • Interventions for English/Maths/Speech & Language, where applicable (all years, where applicable)

What provision do you offer to facilitate access to the curriculum and to develop independent learning?

  • Use of laptops for classwork/coursework and for external examinations (all years)
  • Coloured overlays/worksheets/exercise books for students that require them (all years)
  • Individual one-to-one-support in the classroom (all years)
  • Specialised support and guidance in choosing subjects for Key Stage Four (GCSE subjects), Key Stage Five and options for post-18 (years 8, 11 and 13)
  • Individual curriculum/subjects that cater for individual students’ needs (all years)
  • Withdrawal sessions to support with Speech & Language difficulties, where applicable (all years)
  • Subject specific withdrawal sessions, where applicable (all years)
  • Individual support to focus on social skills (all years)
  • Advice from Educational Psychologist (all years)
  • Alternative activities to focus on social and emotional well-being (all years)

Staff specialism/expertise around SEN or disabilities

  • All members of the learning support team have obtained, or are working towards, NVQ level 3 in Supporting Teaching & Learning in Schools (or equivalent)
  • Members of the team have specialist knowledge in many areas of SEND via CPD
  • Experienced Learning Support Manager/Assistant SENCO
  • Some members of the team have degree-level subject knowledge
  • All members of staff are equipped to deal with any Special Educational Need in their lessons and are able to differentiate accordingly

What on-going support and development is in place for all staff regards supporting children and young people with Special Educational Needs?

  • Regular CPD with all members of teaching and non-teaching staff
  • All teaching assistants have, or are working towards, an NVQ Level 3 in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools

What arrangements are made for reasonable adjustments in curriculum and support to the pupil during examinations?

  • Access arrangements which include readers, scribes, prompts, extra time (all years)
  • Examinations can be taken in a smaller, less daunting environment (all years)
  • Use of a laptop (all years)
  • Access arrangements training for all members of the learning support team (all years)

How do you share educational progress and outcomes with parents?

  • Academic Progress Days (twice per year)
  • Annual parents evening for all regardless of Special Educational Need status
  • Data checks – once every term sent home to parents
  • Full academy report – annually
  • Meetings with parents/carers with Learning Support Manager & team at a mutually agreed time
  • Annual statement/EHC Plan reviews

What external teaching and learning do you offer?

  • Before & After academy homework clubs
  • Saturday sessions, when appropriate

What arrangements are in place to ensure that support is maintained in “off-site provision”?

  • Data-sharing with external agencies/provision

What work experience opportunities do you offer?

  • A week-long work experience residential where work skills, life skills and social skills are covered in Year 10
  • An opportunity to engage in a work experience placement either supported or unsupported (in Year 10 and Years 12 and 13)

All members of the learning support team have obtained, or are working towards, NVQ level 3 in Supporting Teaching & Learning in Schools."